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Types of E-Waste we will buy.

We will definitely recycle all of the electronic scrap types listed below, in most cases we will pay for some of it, in other cases we will take it with no charge, the prices we pay varies depending on the location, the type of scrap and the qty, we will make our best efforts to recycle and help saving our planet, please note that we only buy in large quantities, we do not buy small quantities such as an household or small office end of life electronics.

Scrap Type (click for detailed info where available)


Printed circuit boards recycling

All populated printed circuit boards out of computers, such as motherboards in any condition and daughter boards such as sound cards, LAN cards, video cards etc, memory modules and all other boards. See sample photos of scrap Printed circuit boards.

We do not buy boards out of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors, TV's, stereo's, VCR's or any other consumer electronics.

Main Frame & telecommunication boards

All boards that are coming out of large computers, main frame computers telecommunications and communication racks. See sample photos of scrap telecommunication boards.

Other populated Circuit Boards

Whole circuit boards with components attached i.e. IC's, Capacitors, resistors etc.).

Unpopulated circuit boards (sheared flush)

Boards (sheared flush) that components was removed either by manual dismantling (de-soldering) or by means of shearing the components off so that the surface of the circuit board is "sheared flush" or boards that has not been completed.

Soldered Circuit Board Trimmings

Soldered Circuit Board Trimmings shall consist of trimmings or rejects from new etched (solder coated) copper clad circuit boards.

Finger Trimmings

Finger Trimmings shall consist of gold plated trimmed ''male'' or female cookout board connections. Trimmed in such a fashion as to remove any excess non-gold content materials, trimmed as close to the gold as possible for gold recycling, here is a sample picture of gold plated fingers we buy.

Obsolete electronic components

Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC chips) shall contain active assorted integrated circuit chips, such as BGA, SMT, DIP and PGA package IC's with gold plated leads.

Scrap computer towers, CPU Units:

Scrap CPU Units shall consist of whole, un-dismantled CPU's (Central Processing Units).

Scrap drives

Scrap Drives shall consist of assorted scrap hard drives, scrap CD ROM drives, DVD Rom drives etc..

Magnetic media waste

Any tape media, including floppy disk, reel tape and all magnetic tape media. 

Modems and routers scrap

Scrap / outdated / working / non-working modems and routers shall consist of any technology type such as DSL, ADSL, ISDN, CABLE, Satellite, VOIP and modems, also all types of Wi-Fi, (IEEE 802.11 technology) routers or any other router type internal or external.

Smart Card / SIM Scrap

Any of the chips found in smart cards, SIM memory etc.

Scrap Cell phones

All kinds working or non working, end of CDMA / TDMA / GSM end of life / outdated mobile phones with or without batteries

Cell phone batteries

All kinds of end of life or outdated, working or non working cell phone batteries, such as Li-Ion, Ni-Cad, NI-MH batteries

We do not buy car batteries.

Cell phone parts and accessories

All kinds of discarded / obsolete cell phone parts such as cell phone main boards, plastics, contacts, wall chargers, car chargers etc

X-Ray film scrap

X Ray film scrap for destruction, might be developed medical x-ray films expired X-ray films or New films for destruction, also industrial (NDT) and lithographic x-ray film

Scrap Solder dross

All types of solder with tin metal processed, from wave machines including virgin solder and solder pastes.

Catalytic converters

Automobile and inustrial type catalytic converters for recycling.

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