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We buy scrap catalytic converter all brands

B.W. Recycling, Inc is paying cash for catalytic converters, if you have a catalytic converter for recycling we will be glad to bid our best offer to buy it from you.
We will also pick it up from you anywhere in the US on our expense.

All we need is that you will provide us with a photo of the converter showing the model number so we can identify it and give you the best price. Simply send us a text or send us Whatsapp using the icon button on the left bottom of this page. We reply promptly.
Click here to view the detailed process of selling us a catalytic converter for recycling.

Send us a photo to get a quote for your scrap converter

The process of selling us a catalytic converter for recycling

  • You send us a photo of the catalytic converter for recycling - We reply with the best price we can pay for you catalytic converter.
  • We will take a few details from you including:
  • You put the converter into a box
  • We send you a prepaid shipping label and schedule a UPS driver to pick-up the box.
  • You can track the box until it is received at our facility - The shipment can take up to 3 days to arrive to our facility.
  • Once received. You will get a text message / email stating it has arrived - Payment is made within up to 2 business days of arrival of the catalytic converter to our facility we pay with Zelle or we can mail out a check. You can also expect to get paid on the same day.

The entire process can take around 5 business days from the moment you ship the catalytic converter until you get your Zelle payment.

Catalytic Converters types we buy for recycling

  • Mixed scrap catalytic converters Scrap such as assorted sizes of whole scrap catalytic converters that the catalyst has not been removed.
  • Small GM converters.
  • Large GM converters.
  • Small American standard converters such as small
  • Ford and small Chrysler.
  • Large American standard converters such as large
  • Ford, and large Chrysler.
  • Small European/Asian converters.
  • Large European/Asian.
  • Exotic 2 Biscuit converters. Usually comes from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus and other luxury vehicles
  • Medium Catalytic Converters.
  • Double Plug Catalytic Converters.
  • Jumbo Catalytic Converters.
  • Diesel Converter.
  • American Pre-Converter.
  • European Pre-Converter.
  • After Market converters.
  • Other Catalytic Scrap.

Minimum scrap catalytic converters prices by make:

The Preventing Auto Recycling Theft Act

Due to the high rise of catalytic converters theft cases from automobiles, The senate and House of representatives of the United States Of America implemented a new act called "The Preventing Auto Recycling Thefts Act "

The law in general has made things harder for thieves to sell catalytic converters for recycling. Any recycling company buying catalytic converters is required to take the following procedures : Mark all purchased catalytic converters with a reference number for a record that will include the seller's name, address, thumbprint, telephone number, and a photocopy of government-issued identification. Also, the recycling facility should also have a record of the make, model, vehicle identification number, date of purchase, and a description of the motor vehicle or, with respect to a motor vehicle part, a description of the motor vehicle from which the part was purchased. Recycling companies must keep the catalytic converter purchase record for a period of at least two years.

What is that have to do with me when selling a catalytic converter for recycling?

In general, if you are the owner of the catalytic converter you would like to sell for recycling, it just means that you will need to provide all of the above information to the recycling facility which you are selling the catalytic converter to.

Catalytic converters photos

We buy catalytic converters nationwide

If you have scrap catalyst converter that you would like to sell for recycling, please text us a photo, we can give you a price your catalytic converter very quick 954-719-8777, we also have a small Whatsapp icon button on the bottom right of this page, just click on that and send us the photos easily.

We are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL but we pick-up anywhere in the US for free. You do not have to ship to Fort Lauderdale, we will pick-up anywhere.

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Scrap catalytic converter for recycling

Please let us know if you have scrap catalytic converters for sell, please text us a photo, we can give you a price your catalytic converter very quick 954-719-8777



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