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Computers related parts recycling

As of today, there are so many kinds of computer-related parts, so many new inventions and new technology, which is very good and helpful, but there is 2 sides to every coin and we must remember that those computer parts have to be disposed of of properly in its end of life.

Every electronic component contains raw materials, such as different types of plastics and many metals, those metals will harm our planet if we do not recycle them right, plus there is a good chance that we will run out of those useful resources one day, which might effect the world's economy significantly.

Here is a portion of the computer-related parts that must be recycled:

Printed circuit boards out of computers:
Motherboards, "daughter boards", such as video boards, sound cards, LAN cards, modems, also known as "finger board" memory modules, SIMM modules, etc..
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Computer add on cards:
All USB cards, such as disk on key, memory USB, wireless cards, blue tooth USB, external memory, NAND flash, etc.

Computer drives and storage:
CD Rom drives, DVD Rom drives, DVD, Blue Ray drives, floppy drives, Hard drives, etc..

Power supplies:

Power supplies from the inside of the computer tower, external power supplies for computer-related devices.

External and output devices:
Printers, LCD monitors and CRT (cathode ray tube monitors) are the most important parts that have to be recycled and there are a lot of those all over the US and the rest of the world.
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The good news:

The good news is that most of these computer parts contain precious metals, therefore there is a motive for recycling companies to actually recycle it for copper, gold, palladium, and silver recovery purposes.

We at B.W. Recycling, Inc do buy most computer-related parts for recycling, we only buy in large quantities.

What do we consider a large quantity?

It is hard to actually tell here how we figure out what a large quantity is, but if you are an individual that has computers and computer-related parts you would like to recycle from a household, we can tell you for sure that we are not what you are looking for, in that case, you should try your city or county for such recycling program.

If you are with a business that has a few office computers and other parts you would like to get rid of, it is not the right place for you also, and you should check with your city or county for such a program as well.

If you are with a manufacturing company, a computer repair shop, a recycling company or you just have larger quantities of computers and related parts, we might be able to buy from you.

Please be sure to check the list of materials we do not buy before you contact us in order to in that case please contact us by filling out the form on the right hand side of this page and we will contact you as soon as possible to give you prices and information on how we work, we do have a phone number on our website, the phone number is for current customers who have already shipped us materials and would like to inquire about

View pictures of computers and computers-related parts we buy for recycling

This article was posted as a friendly reminder for the public by B.W. Recycling, Inc, in our efforts to bring E-scrap recycling and computer recycling to the knowledge of the world's population.

This article was updated on 3/24/2023

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B.W. Recycling, Inc, will buy larger quantities scrap PC boards, scrap memory modules and all other computer related scrap.

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Pictures of computers and computers related parts we buy for recycling

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