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Gold plated parts recycling

Most electronic parts contain gold, some have visible gold platings such as older and modern CPUs from computers, also older IC chips, pins, and connectors might have visible gold platings. It is also very common that military spec parts will have visible gold platings on them.

Gold recycling and recovery - As gold is a precious and recoverable metal, it is possible to recover the gold from end-of-life / obsolete / scrap electronic parts, the recovery process is a chemical process that at the end of it, pure gold is reclaimed, the recovery process has to be done by professional refinery in order to reclaim all of the gold from the parts.

B.W. Recycling, Inc is buying any gold content and gold plated parts for recycling & recovery, we are the actual precious metals refinery which allows us to pay the most for your gold scrap, and PC boards, communications boards, cellular phones, cell phones boards, CPU Scrap, connectors, pins, and all gold plated materials.

We buy any gold plated scrap in any form for gold recycling, such as Gold plated CPUs and IC chips of all types, Gold plated pins, Gold plated connectors of all types. We also buy all types of gold plated electronic devices, printed boards, with or without gold plated fingers, and processors.

Why to sell gold plated parts to a refinery?

There are a few advantages to selling gold plated parts to a refinery, but before we start explaining that, we need to explain how the precious metals recovery industry works.

Usually when an individual or a company has gold-plated parts for recycling after they realize it is not such a simple process to recover the gold by themselves.

Some people might think that they can have a refinery do the process for them for a fee so they can get the gold. That is also not possible in most cases Unless someone has a very large quantity of gold plated parts. That is not possible for the simple reason that it is not cost-effective for any precious metals refinery to process small lots of gold-plated parts and also report to the customer etc.

Therefore what really happens is that the precious metals refinery will buy the materials from the customer based on an estimated gold content of the parts, FYI: Experienced refineries can determine the gold content of the parts within a 5-10% variation easily just by looking at the parts based on their previous experience, as long as it is a common parts, like common CPUs, IC chips, pins or gold fingers.
On the other end, brokers are usually way less experienced so they will underestimate the gold content in most cases and bid a price accordingly. So it turns out that most precious metals refineries will pay higher amounts for gold plated parts.

If you have any gold plated materials for recycling in any other form that you want to sell we might buy it from you as well.
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Please note, B.W. Recycling, Inc does not buy gold scrap from jewelry, we only buy gold plated or gold-contained parts from electronic waste such as computer boards, cell phones, end-of-life medical equipment, military equipment and aerospace equipment, and other electronics.

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