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WTB: This is B.W. Recycling, inc wanted E-Waste list as of March 16th 2013, we usually buy all kinds of scrap electronics, the items we buy is not limited to this list.

Printed circuit boards (PCB).
We are always looking for all kinds of electronic printed circuit boards such as: computer motherboards, various PC boards, cell phone boards, any boards which contains semiconductors,.
click here for more information about wanted circuit boards for recycling

Scrap CPU processors and gold plated materials.
We are always looking to buy scrap CPU's, IC chips such as 386, 486 Pentium and any other gold leaded processors such as PGA, DIPS, LCC etc, we also buy connectors, gold plated pins and all kinds of gold plated electronics.
click here for more information about WTB gold plated materials.

Cell phones and cell phone batteries:
We are looking to buy all kinds of end of life, outdated and or dead cell phones, cell phone boards and cell phone batteries for recycling purposes.
click here for more information about WTB cell phones scrap for recycling.

Desktop computers and Laptops computers scrap for recycling:
we buy all kinds of scrap computers, such as computer towers, old laptop computers, non working notebook scrap computers, crashed laptops non working laptop LCD's, laptop computers accessories of all kinds, Li- Ion Battery Scrap.
click here for more information about want to buy desktop computers and laptop scrap for recycling.

Scrap modems and routers:
We want to buy all kinds of scrap / outdated / working or non-working modems and routers for recycling purposes, it can be any kind such as DSL, ADSL, ISDN, CABLE, Satellite, VOIP, WI-FI modems and routers and all other types internal or external.
click here for more information about want to buy modems and routers for recycling.

Non E-Waste materials we buy.

X Ray films:
We buy x-ray film for recycling purposes, rare earth, dental x-ray films, industrial x ray film and litho films.

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Electronics recycling

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